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I Can Help You Turnaround Your Struggling Business!

Are you Experiencing Sleepless Nights Worrying about Your Business?

Is Cash in the Bank a Distant Memory?

Do You Sometimes Wonder if You Can Save Your Business?

Is The Stress Affecting Your Family?

Is There No One You Can Talk To Who Really Understands?



Hi, my name is Fred Herbert. I’m an author, speaker and consultant with a focus on helping business owners build thriving businesses.  I have helped from small start-ups to helping major corporations like Exxon-Mobil improve processes and manage multi-million dollar projects.

My first book is titled Business For Sale Blueprint and it was focused on helping business owners increase the value of their business prior to putting their business on the market.

This program is based on second book with the same name as this program Business Turnaround Blueprint and it became an #1 Amazon Bestseller.  The focus of this book is on transforming struggling business.

Recently I have focused more on helping business owners that are struggling and need to turnaround in any area of their business. I was shocked to learn that over 750,000 businesses go under each year in the US alone. My mission is to help as many business avoid that fate as possible.  You see, I had my own major business failure almost 25 years ago and can still remember the sting and humiliation I felt when I lost everything.

It has been my experience that often business owners get so close to their problems that they find it difficult to map out a strategy to change the trajectory of their business.

That is why I created Business Turnaround Blueprint™ training program to help you improve every key aspect of your business.

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Who this is for...

This program is designed for business owners who are ready to implement their own turnaround but need some expert guidance to design the strategic turnaround plan and get the process started.

With the turnaround plan in hand, you will take the necessary actions to implement that plan.

Program Includes...

  • Lifetime access to Business Turnaround Blueprint™ 12 Video Module Training Program
  • 5 Performance improvement training videos to use with your employees
  • Two Strategy Calls With Fred Herbert To Help You Develop And Implement Your Turnaround Plan


To Business Turnaround Blueprint™ 12 Video Training Modules

Module 1 – Turnaround Mindset

Your mindset is a critical starting point on your journey to improving your business. This module covers way to ensure your start off with the best possible chance for success.

Module 2 - Knowing The Truth

The hub of the Business Turnaround Blueprint™ strategy is doing an in-depth assessment of your business to determine its "True" current state.

Module 3 - Turnaround Strategy & Planning

This module covers how to create a Turnaround Strategic Plan and corresponding Action Plans.

Module 4 – Cash Flow & Financial

Improving Cash Flow is the focus of this module.  It takes a deep dive into dozens of ways you can improve the cash flow or your business.

Module 5 - Communication

How to communicate your turnaround strategy with employees, vendors, creditors, etc.

Module 6 – Quality Products & Services

It is important that you maintain high quality products and services even during business challenges.  This module covers building a quality system to keep your quality at the highest level.  We can't afford to be losing customers over low quality or poor service.

Module 7 – Customers – Getting and Keeping Them

Acquiring new customers and retaining them is a very important piece of your turnaround strategy.  This module covers creating a Systematic Lead Generation System and understanding the importance of Direct Response Marketing.

Module 8 – Getting Employees Involved

Your employees will eagerly help turnaround your business if you engage them properly.  This module covers keeping key employees and how to get them involved in your business improvement efforts.

Module 9 - Key Business Metrics

Developing the KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) to better manage business performance. This module is on how to develop effective KPI's and use them to improve your business.

Module 10 – Business Systems

This module is about creating systems in your business that will help it run smoothly and more profitably.

Module 11 – Continuous Transformation

This module covers how to create a culture for innovation and continuous improvement in your organization.

Module 12 – Funding The Turnaround

This module covers ways to fund your turnaround with internal and external resources that are at your disposal. I also cover the pros and cons of each funding source.

100% 30 Day Risk Free Guarantee

If after 30 days of the training you are not convinced this training will help you build a plan to improve and turnaround your business, ask for and receive an immediate, no hassle refund.

I have worked with Fred for over eight years and have found him to be both a man of integrity and very perceptive at recognizing challenges and implementing process improvement strategies.  Fred created new tools to help BRW better meet customer requirements. I highly recommend Fred to anyone who needs ‘results’ in solving their business challenges.

Jim Rehor - BRW Paper

I can’t thank you enough for your contributions to the team and the vision we laid out for Desktop. I expect the fruit of your labor will continue to be appreciated as XTO and Exxon continue to align service organizations. In addition to the work, I believe you leave an expectation and template for many of your XTO colleagues to follow as they progress their careers. On a personal note, I attribute many of our successes in Desktop to your vision and drive for excellence. Each and every project you worked on was on time, methodically detailed, and added value to the organization. I hope you and I have a chance to build on these successes and work together again in the future.

Danny Northcutt - ExxonMobil

I want to give you some special bonus training that is designed to use with your employees and will enlist their help to improve every aspect of your business.  This training is branded under Fred Herbert Consulting Group, and will avoid any questions about the term "Turnaround" in case you haven't fully disclosed the current situation.  I recommend having one hour lunch-and-learns to watch the training as a team and discuss strategies that have their buy-in to improve your business.

Video #1 - Building Effective Problem Solving Teams

Video #2 - DMAIC Systematic Problem Solving Process

Video #3 - Implementing the 5S Organizational Strategy

Video #4 - Waste Reduction Utilizing the 8 Categories of Waste

Video #5 - LEAN 101 - Using LEAN Principles To Improve Any Business

Each video training program retails at $197.

Total value of $985.


Fred Herbert will personally help you plan your turnaround strategy and guide you through execution or your plan with two one-on-one strategy sessions.  Act now because Fred has a limited amount of time available on his busy calendar.

Total value of $1,000.

Program Features...

  • Full access to Business Turnaround Blueprint™ 12 Video Module Training Program ($997 Value)
  • Bonus Training Modules That will further help you improve your business and can be used to train your employees – ($987)
  • Two Personal Coaching Sessions With Fred to help you develop your turnaround strategy and execute it – ($1,500)

Limited Time Offer!

Total Value $3,484
You Pay Only $997
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Whats The Catch - Why So Low?

  • First, I want to help as many business owners as possible with my training and a price closer to retail would limit the number I could help.
  • Second, I realize that many businesses are struggling right now and I don't want my program to add additional burden on them.
  • Third, FULL DISCLOSURE - I believe that a certain percentage of business owners will hire me to help implement business improvement strategies in the future.

100% 30 Day Risk Free Guarantee

If after 30 days of the training you are not convinced this training will help you build a plan to improve and turnaround your business, ask for and receive an immediate, no hassle refund.

Learn More About Fred Herbert >>>

I highly recommend Fred Herbert’s consulting services to any business owner in need of a business turnaround or transformation. The system that Fred uses for executing business turnarounds is at the world class excellence level and is perfectly suited for a wide range of business types and sizes. His assessment process assists him in quickly and accurately identifying and prioritizing improvement opportunities. Then his deep experience and knowledge of state of the art management tools enable him to lead the development of strategies, action plans and goals for achieving the best results in the least time.

Mal Bass - Global Executive Forum